About Us

Mini: The Idea-Treats Mascot

Mini: Idea-Treats Team Mascot

MISSION Statement

To provide lifestyle products that recognize creative people and promote their special talents, as well as promote the recognition of the entire community of creatives that are the basis of all forward progress in our global society.

Who We Are

Idea-Treats was founded by a group of life long Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Musicians, Engineers and Visionaries who came together to create a web presence dedicated to the Creative Community.

Using both conservative designs that reflect the serious nature of the work of this global community and more humorous Cartoons,  Designs and Quotations that reflect the universally flexible mindsets and adventurous attitudes of its creative members, we strive to develop items that are "Identity Products" for the many creatives across the spectrum of professions and avocations who do not regularly receive that special recognition.


Idea-Treats has limited the initial products to 4 types: Mugs, T-Shirts, Notebooks and Tote Bags. This was done in an effort to provide utility and Identity Expression in the most common arenas of work and play. Other products including Hats, Hoodies, and Household items (ie: Pillows and Shower Curtains) will be added in coming months. Tell us what products you are seeking (and any missing professions or avocations) and we will endeavor to create them - to service all members of the creative community.


Additionally, please forgive us if your creative specialty is not initially represented. We have started with over 30 types of creative endeavors but know this is only a part of the full creative community. We would like to hear from you! Please contact us if your specialty profession or avocation is not represented - we will work to develop your creative product line and get back to you with a confirmation when it is available on our site. Currently our products cover the following specialties and talents (in a somewhat alphabetical order):

Architect - Artist - Author - Chemical Engineer - Coder - Composer  Electrical Engineer - Engineer - Entrepreneur - Experience Designer   Fashion Designer - Futurist - Game Designer - Graphic Artist   Illustrator  Industrial Designer - Innovation Consultant - Interior Designer  - Inventor - Journalist - Maker - Mechanical Engineer    Musician - Poet - Programmer - Prototyper - Researcher - Software Designer - Software Engineer -  Teacher - Visionary - Website Designer   Scientist - Startup Founder.